Jubilee Run Race Report & Results

The Enfield Montessori School is celebrating its fiftieth year with a number of events. The latest

was last Saturday’s Jubilee Run which, in spite of rainy conditions, drew almost 100 enthusiastic

runners and walkers.


Things began with a kid’s fun run where 25 young runners raced around a ¼ mile course all

finishing as winners. The 5 K run and 2 mile walk was next. The first runner to cross the finish

line was Matthew Mangold from Manchester in 21:14 and the first female was Taylor Page from

Suffield, 4th overall. Ironically, the first walker was Cheryl Walker from Somers. Afterward, all

participants enjoyed homemade baked goods.


All in all, everyone had a great time and now there is talk of a 51st anniversary 5K. For complete

results, click here.